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февраль 2011

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Kneipp Арома-ванна "Теплые объятья"  СКОРО в продаже!

"Теплые объятья" - это ароматическая ванна с натуральными эфирными маслами кардамона и имбиря для расслабления и избавления от забот! В то же время увлажняющий мед и масло макадамии питает Вашу кожу, придавая ей мягкость и гладкость!

American Spa

Декабрь 2010

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Kneipp Ванна "Чистое блаженство"   СКОРО в продаже!

Ванна "Чистое блаженство" содержит натуральное эфирное масло конопли для питания кожи, придавая ей гладкость и нежность, а также красный мак для расслабления тела и разума.

American Spa

November 2010

Product Spotlight
Kneipp Sensual Seduction Aroma-Bath

Sensual Seduction Aroma-Bath contains jasmine extract and sweet almond oil that help relax the body, hydrate the skin, and leave it feeling soft and smooth.

les nouvelles esthitiques & spa

August 2010

Just For Him
Kneipp Healthy Feet Anti-Callus-Salve

ROUGHNESS REPAIR. Save your male clients from gnarly feet with the Anti-Callus-Salve from Kneipp. Made with calendula extract, rosemary essential oil, jojoba oil and skin soothing panthenol and allantoin, the salve is designed to improve the appearance of callused skin within one week when used on a daily basis, says the company.

Massage Magazine

July 2010

Product Focus-Analgesics
Kneipp Arnica Intensive Cream

This cream contains beneficial natural ingredients of the arnica blossom plus emollient plant oils enriched with vitamins E and F. Used with massage, it helps revitalize and ease discomfort and stiffness.

Organic Spa Magazine

July 2010

Feeling Blue
Kneipp Valerian & Hops Sleep Well Herbal Bath

A Bedtime Bath: I've added a capful of Kneipp to my warm bath for as long as I can remember. There's a bath oil for whatever ails you, and if you're like I am, and have a hard time falling asleep every once in a while, you'll appreciate the Valerian & Hops Sleep Well Herbal Bath. The high concentrates of these two essential oils, combined with lavender, help to relax the body and calm the mind.

Dermascope Magazine

May 2010

Worth A Look
Kneipp Arnica Warming Massage Oil

Kneipp Arnica Massage Oil is fortified with valuable active ingredients of the arnica blossom, ginger, and almond oil, which are pleasantly nurturing, warming and relaxing. The arnica blossom provides soothing and anti-inflammatory benefits and is especially beneficial for ciculatory problems and offers relief after strenuous activities. Ginger provides internal warming properties when applied to the skin, which adds tremendously to a soothing and relaxing massage. The valuable sweet almond oil helps regulate the skin's natural hydration, with its high content of essential fatty acids and vitamin E, leaving skin feeling soft, smooth and supple.

Lucky Magazine

March 2010

The most moisturizing products of all time
Kneipp Miraculously Mild Milk Bath

Baths are supposed to be tepid, and they're supposed to last about three seconds for anyone with dry skin, but we're willing to bend the rules for this milk bath, which ever so gently exfoliates and rehydrates.

People Style Watch

October 2009

Global Goodies. Nothing Over $10

Kneipp Thermal Spring Bath Salt in Muscle Soother Juniper and Balancing Lavender


July 2009

Must Haves
Kneipp Jojoba Massage Oil

The essence native to the Southwest partners with Vitamin E for a relaxing treatment ingredient.

Spa Magazine

November 2009

Spa Holiday Shopping Guide
Kneipp Valerian & Hops/Sleep Well Herbal Bath

.68oz, $5.00 stocking stuffer. Valerian & Hops/Sleep Well. A natural remedy for sleep that works. Sleep soundly and wake up more focused and refreshed.

Lucky Magazine

February 2008

Secret Ingredient: Jojoba
Kneipp Jojoba Massage Oil

The organic ingredients are especially potent and grown according to strict EU standards-plus, the natural fragrance is refreshingly crisp.

O the Oprah Magazine

July 2008

Leaders of the Pack (Travel Packet)
Kneipp Juniper Herbal Bath

After a beach run or a mountain hike, pour Kneipp Herbal Bath into a warm bath. Juniper, an anti-inflammatory, soothes tired muscles.

Ladies Home Journal

July 2008

125 Ways To Be More Beautiful
Kneipp Healthy Feet Foot Crystals

Try this revitalizing soak for tired tootsies.

Lucky Magazine

May 2007

Secret Ingredient: Arnica
Kneipp Arnica Active Spray

Really effective - and it's also remarkable for soothing muscles after workouts.

EBONY Magazine

May 2008

Essentials at every age, 50s
Kneipp Herbal Bath in Eucalyptus

Kneipp Herbal Bath in Eucalyptus $19.00

aeroflot002aeroflot001Журнал  Аэрофлот  Июль 2011 год.  Массажное масло с Лавандой.